Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions 

Q: Do you guys sell generic or branded meds?
A: We only sell original branded medications.
Q: What is the Difference between generic and branded pills?
A: A generic drug is distributed and created without patent protection, without this protection the generic drug may consist of other cheaper ingredients that may host other side effects. Branded drugs are the original version of the drug and its first developed ingredients, newly created drugs we patent-paid by the federal government for the first couple years that allows no third-party organization to sell that drug or create generic versions.
Q: Are your products FDA approved?
A: Our medications are approved by the United States drug administration, as this is where they are manufactured and shipped from.
Q: What is the packaging like?
A: The pills are in blister packs and wrapped with carbon fiber packaging within an envelope. We value the privacy of our customers and only indicate your title and shipping address on the packaging.

Payment and Ordering

Q: What payment methods do you guys accept?
A: We accept western union, Credit/Debit card, bitcoins and sometimes paypal.
Q: Why don’t you guys accept skrill?
A: Our past experience with skrill has been disappointing, we have had customers getting their package and doing charge backs so we don’t accept skrill anymore.
Q: Why is the payment location not in the US?
A: We have our payment locations in different countries for security and privacy reasons.
Q: What is the policy for cancelling an order?
A: You may cancel a transaction if the payment hasn’t been accepted yet, customers can also cancel an order before the shipment has been approved and we will refund your transaction.
Q: What is your privacy policy?
A: We are fully aware of our customers privacy and provide high level account security, we never provide any personal information of our customers on our website to other viewers.

Shipping Questions

Q: Do you guys ship to my country?
A: We ship worldwide to almost every country, there is a high chance we ship to your country.
Q: What are your shipping methods?
A: We ship via fedex/usps shipping service which usually takes 5-10 days for your package to arrive. We also provide you with a full tracking ID which you can use to track your package at any time.
Q: What if my order is delayed at customs?
A: In case your order is delayed by a month, we will provide a full refund of your transaction or reship a new package. If your order is fairly late we will provide you with free shipping and a coupon on your next order.
Q: What if a part of my order is missing?
A: If your missing some quantity or a product from your package you may wait a couple days as some orders are delivered in 2 packages, otherwise you can contact us and we will figure out the issue.
Q: What if my question is not answered here?

Contact us through our contact page or email us through our store email at the bottom of the page.